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    I am ShJae' Le Vanquer the founder of SPRAY N-LOCK GLOBAL.Thank you for visiting our website! I am the inventor of SPRAY N-LOCK (the world's FIRST- strongest holding - all natural loc twisting spray) as well as all of the other products in which we provide to the world.

    I invented SPRAY N-LOCK because I was utterly disgusted by the gels, creams, beeswax and other substances for locs that were sold in stores. In the early stages of starting my locs I experimented with nearly every type of loc product there was. Much to my detriment everything that I tried either caused buildup, flakes, unbearable itchiness or excessive oiliness in my hair and scalp. After a year or more of suffering through the use of those products I could not take it any longer. I refused to go one more day with the issues those products caused. I found myself faced with a choice of either cutting my locs off or creating my own lightweight, all natural, loc product that would not cause the same issues that the store bought products caused.

    I knew that I wanted the loc substance that I would create to be light enough to spray. I also wanted it to have a hold stronger than gel and wax. So, with only the goal of solving my own problem in mind I began to formulate and experiment with different all natural elements and created SPRAY N-LOCK. I would use it exclusively on my hair and soon others began to notice how great my locs looked and would inquire as to what loc products I used. They would request some and either use it themselves or they would take it to their stylist. Everyone raved about it after using it! Those who took it to their stylist reported that the stylists insisted on purchasing it but it was not available for sale to the public.

    After years worth of a friend and several others urging me to make the products available to the public I finally did so. The products are now used on six continents and countless countries by thousands of satisfied users, well known celebrities in the entertainment industry, and professional sports.

    I thank you all for thinking outside of the box and trying something different. I am certain that our products will be the answer to many of your loc problems. Browse our website, read our reviews on our review page and watch some of the video testimonials.

    We hope to ship to you soon!


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